SSCR 2024 Election Announcement

Dear Friends and Members of SSCR,

First, we wish to announce that Gil Raz is rotating off his position as President of SSCR.

The Board has approved the appointment of Elena Valussi as the new President of SSCR. The Board has also approved the appointment of Megan Bryson as Vice-president of SSCR. Both appointments begin on July 1, 2024 and will end on June 30, 2027.  

As you may remember, SSCR held its last election for Board of Directors in June 2022, so it is time to hold new elections and refresh the Board. Each Director serves for three years – and may serve for two terms. The task of the Board of Directors is to advise, promote, evaluate, and generally assist the President and Vice-President with the activities of the Society, such as our annual events at the AAR and AAS meetings and other tasks related to the running of the Society.

 The current Board consists of nine Directors. The Board has agreed to ensure that we have at least one director based in East Asia and one in Europe, to allow us to further develop our Society, programs, and events beyond the United States. 

 We are now seeking nominations for new board members. We need to replace four current Directors. As you make nominations, please also note that SSCR strives for gender equality and diversity in geographic location and academic specialty among the Board members to help facilitate different perspectives and viewpoints.   

You can nominate yourself or another (and suggest multiple nominees). When sending your nominations, please enclose a short biographical blurb with current academic status, research interests, and recent publications, and a brief nomination statement that specifies your reasons for wanting to join the Board. If you nominate someone other than yourself, please make sure to ask whether they are willing to serve – and enclose a statement on their behalf.

The new directors will begin their term on July 1, 2024.

Please send nominations to both and by Sunday, June 8, at 8am (EST). We will then circulate a ballot for voting which will close on Sunday, June 21, 2024, at 5pm.

*** Please note that while nominations are open to all those interested in SSCR, voting will be limited to paid members of the Society. So, if you wish to vote for the Board, please make sure your membership is up to date. 

You can sign up for membership here:

Current SSCR Officers and Board of Directors 

President:  Gil Raz (Dartmouth College)

Vice President: Elena Valussi (Loyola University, Chicago)

Board of Directors (asterisks mark Directors who have served one terms and who can be reelected for a second term):

Megan Bryson (University of Tennessee, Knoxville)

Katherine Alexander* (University of Colorado)

Rongdao Lai* (McGill University)

Yuhang Li* (University of Wisconsin)

Chen Meiwen (Fujen University, Taiwan)

Pan Junliang (Université Paris Cité)

Jack Chia (National University of Singapore)

Noga Ganany (Cambridge University)

Richard Wang (University of Florida)