Recent Issues

Journal of Chinese Religions 50, no. 2 (Nov. 2022)


Local Matters: A Socioeconomic History of Monastic Reconstruction in Nineteenth-Century China

Gilbert Z. Chen

Reasoning the Sharī'a and Constructing a Proper Muslim Woman: Reflections on the Issue of Chinese Muslim Women's Haircut in Republican China

Gang Li

Nèidān 內丹 Training According to the Qiānfēng 千峰 (Thousand Peaks) Sub-Lineage: Niú Jīnbǎo's 牛金寶 (1915–1988) Methods in Nine Stages

Louis Komjathy


Fabian Graham, Voices from the Underworld: Chinese Hell Deity Worship in Contemporary Singapore and Malaysia (Vincent Durand Dastès)

Michael Lackner and Zhao Lu, Handbook of Divination and Prognostication in China: Part I: Introduction to the Field (Beverly Foulks McGuire)

Ryan Nichols, The Routledge International Handbook of Morality, Cognition, and Emotion in China (Bongrae Seok)

Journal of Chinese Religions 50, no. 1 (May 2022)


Towards a Buddhist History of Mount Tai

Claudia Wenzel

Ritual Techniques for Creating a Divine Persona in Later Imperial China: The Case of Daoist Law Enforcer Lord Wang

Vincent Goossaert

Practicing Salvation: Meat-Eating, Martyrdom, and Sacrifice as Religious Ideals in the Zhenkongjiao

Esmond chuah Meng Soh

Zongjiao as a Chinese Conceptual Term for Religion? Genealogical Notes on its Development Since the Late Qing Period

Christian Meyer


Alain Arrault and Lina Vercery, A History of Cultic Images in China: The Domestic Statuary of Hunan (Simona Lazzerini)

Vincent Goossaert and Xun Liu, Daoism in Modern China: Clerics and Temples in Urban Transformations, 1860–Present, (Jean DeBernardi)

April Hughes, Worldly Saviors and Imperial Authority in Medieval Chinese Buddhism (Yu Xuan Tay)

Megan Bryson, Religion, Ethnicity, and Gender in Western Hunan during the Modern Era: The Dao Among the Miao (Paul Katz)

Journal of Chinese Religions 49, no. 2 (November 2021)


The Concept of the Soul during the Chinese Rites Controversy: The Example of Xia Dachang

Xueying Wang

Monk Changyuan 昌圓 (1879–1945), Nuns in Chengdu, and Revaluation of Local Heritage: Voicing Local (In)Visible Narratives of Modern Sichuan Buddhism

Stefania Travagnin

The Expansion of the Andong Division of Yiguan Dao in Austria

Yeh-Ying Shen

In the Shadow of the Spirit Image: The Production, Consecration, and Enshrinement of a Daoist Statue in Northern Taiwan

Aaron K. Reich


Eyal Aviv, Differentiating the Pearl from the Fish-Eye: Ouyang Jingwu and the Revival of Scholastic Buddhism (Alex Grabiner)

Daryl R. Ireland, John Song: Modern Chinese Christianity and the Making of a New Man (T.H. Barrett)

Paul R. Katz and Vincent Goossaert, The Fifty Years That Changed Chinese Religion, 1898–1948 (Jessica Zu)

J. E. E. Pettit and Chao-Jan Chang, A Library of Clouds: The Scripture of the Immaculate Numen and the Rewriting of Daoist Texts (Lucas A. Wolf)

Michael J. Walsh, Stating the Sacred: Religion, China, and the Formation of the Nation-State (Zhe Ji)

Journal of Chinese Religions 49, no. 1 (May 2021)


A Little Bird Told Me: The Magical Birds of the Pure Land

Kendall Marchman

Deviant Viewers and Gendered Looks: Erotic Interactions with Images and Visual Culture in Song Popular Religion

Hsiao-wen Cheng

The Precious Scroll of Liu Xiang: Late Ming Roots and Late Qing Proliferation

Katherine Alexander

The Confluence of Karma and Hygiene: Vegetarianism with Renewed Meanings for Chinese Buddhism

Lianghao Lu

Releasing Life or Releasing Death: The Practice of and Discourse on Buddhist Animal Liberation Rituals in Contemporary Xiamen

Avi Darshani


Wen-shing Chou, Mount Wutai: Visions of a Sacred Buddhist Mountain (Natalie Köhle)

Philip Clart, David Ownby & Wang Chien-chuan, eds., Text and Context in the Modern History of Chinese Religions: Redemptive Societies and Their Sacred Texts (Vincent Goossaert)

Erik J. Hammerstrom, The Huayan University Network: The Teaching and Practice of Avataṃsaka Buddhism in Twentieth-Century China (Nicholaos Jones)

Yuhang Li, Becoming Guanyin: Artistic Devotion of Buddhist Women in Late Imperial China (Dorothy C. Wong)

Gregory Adam Scott, Building the Buddhist Revival: Reconstructing Monasteries in Modern China (Michael J. Walsh)

Dominic Steavu, The Writ of the Three Sovereigns: From Local Lore to Institutional Daoism (Anna-Alexandra Fodde-Reguer)

Chün-fang Yü, Chinese Buddhism: A Thematic History (Stuart H. Young)

Journal of Chinese Religions 48, no. 2 (November 2020)


Shamans, Souls, and Soma: Comparative Religion and Early China

Nicholas Morrow Williams

Mu Clan Patronage of Daoism in Ming-Dynasty Yunnan: An Examination of the Epigraphic Record

Jan De Meyer

The Dizang baojuan in the Performance Context of “Telling Scriptures” in Changshu, Jiangsu

Rostislav Berezkin

The Blooming of the Azure Lotus in the South Seas: A Preliminary Investigation of Chinese Indigenous Scriptures in Buddhist Vegetarian Halls of Southeast Asia

Show Ying Ruo


Constance A. Cook, Ancestors, Kings, and the Dao (Ori Tavor)

Thomas David DuBois, Empire and the Meaning of Religion in Northeast Asia: Manchuria 1900-1945 (James Carter)

Stephan Feuchtwang, ed. Handbook on Religion in China (Shin-yi Chao)

Ji Zhe, Gareth Fisher, and André Laliberté, eds., Buddhism After Mao: Negotiations, Continuities, and Reinventions (Carsten Krause)

Charles B. Jones, Chinese Pure Land Buddhism: Understanding a Tradition of Practice (Kendall Marchman)

Liang Yongjia, Religious and Ethnic Revival in a Chinese Minority: The Bai People of Southwest China (Megan Bryson)

John Makeham, ed., The Buddhist Roots of Zhu Xi’s Philosophical Thought (Jiang Wu)

Sachiko Murata, trans., The First Islamic Classic in Chinese: Wang Daiyu’s Real Commentary on the True Teaching (Cuma Ozkan)

Brook Ziporyn, trans., Zhuangzi: The Complete Writings (Hans-Georg Moeller)