Women Scholars in the Study of Chinese Religions Breakfast

AAR Women Scholar's Breakfast Announcement

The Society for the Study of Chinese Religions (SSCR) is happy to announce once again its support of the “Women Scholars in the Study of Chinese Religions Breakfast” at the 2022 AAR annual meeting in Denver, November 2022.
The breakfast is the result of an informal working group on the status of women scholars in the study of Chinese religions, which was started in 2019 by co-chairs of AAR units such as the Chinese Religions Unit, the Daoist Unit, and the Confucian Unit, together with members of the leadership of SSCR; all of them have supported and actively participated in organizing two subsequent meetings online, during the height of the pandemic. We are now ready to get back together in person for our fourth (but only second in person) breakfast meeting for scholars who identify as women or as nonbinary, in the field of the study of Chinese religions. It will happen on Sunday morning 7.30 AM-9AM, at the Sheraton Downtown-Governor's Square n.10, (session P20-106, Society for the Study of Chinese Religions).  
All are welcome, from senior scholars who would like to share their experiences in the field, to junior scholars, including graduate students, who wish to discuss issues of gender and diversity in their own career developments. This is an open-ended conversation aiming at bringing women scholars together, after a two-year hiatus, to discuss issues that matter to us all, to offer informal mentoring for younger generations, create new networks, and to build on previous meetings and encounters.
Pastries and beverages will be available.
You need to be registered for AAR in order to attend.