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General Sites and Metasites
  • Buddhist Studies WWW Virtual Library
    Maintained by Matthew Ciolek at Australian National University and others at various institutions around the world. Everything else on this SSCR page can presumably be access through this portal, which also boasts excellent search facilities.
  • Digital Library and Museum of Buddhist Studies
    Labelled “Comprehensive Cyberspace for Buddhist Studies,” this is probably the best portal by which to access a variety of resources hosted by the Center for Buddhist Studies at National Taiwan University and CBETA, the Chinese Buddhist Electronic Texts Association (for which a separate link is given just below). Mirror sites for CBETA may be accessed through this link (although some of these, such as those at MIT and Ohio State, are no longer functioning).
Research Organizations and Journal Sites
  • International Association of Buddhist Studies (IABS)
    The premier international body for Buddhist studies.
  • International Research Institute for Zen Buddhism
    Founded and formerly directed by Professor Yanagida Seizan and Urs App,and currently directed by Okimoto Katsumi, this institute at Hanazono University in Kyōto, Japan provides many important resources for the study of Zen Buddhism.
  • Journal of Buddhist Ethics
    This is the oldest and best-known online site for Buddhist studies, with an emphasis on ethics and socially engaged interpretations. It is also the distribution site for the Pāli canon, through the Sri Lanka Tripitaka Project (SLTP).
The Buddhist Canon

Christianity in China

A database for the history of Christianity in China; registration required.